Management Certification Program (MCP)


World Council of Credit Union (WOCCU) had been delivering the Management Certification Program (MCP) as part of the annual Pacific Credit Union Technical Congress (PCUTC) since 2008. Due to costs reasons, WOCCU withdrew the MCP after the last batch graduated in 2014 at the Pacific Credit Union Technical Congress in Suva, Fiji. The MCP has had a positive impact on the credit unions in the Pacific including our PNG S&L movement given its relevance to the operational management of our institutions.


Of the 22 senior officers from our PNG movement that graduated from this program, around 16 are still serving within our various societies at senior management positions. The demand for the MCP is quite high especially with our societies in PNG because a number of our societies wanted to enroll their staff but were very disappointed when advised that WOCCU had withdrawn the program.


Conception of Institutionalizing MCP within FESALOS

Because the MCP is considered a relevant and appropriate training for the immediate and future leaders of our industry, Fesalos through its board made a case to WOCCU to consider institutionalizing the program within Fesalos. WOCCU approved the proposal and the President & CEO of WOCCU, Dr Brian Branch and the President of the Hawaiian Credit Union league (HCUL), Mr. Dennis Tanimoto travelled to Port Moresby last September (15th & 16th) for a consultative meeting with the Board and management of Fesalos. WOCCU involved the HCUL because their league has a well-established training Program that also deliver training programs like the MCP. The framework of the MCP for PNG was agreed during the consultative meeting which included:

  • The adoption of the congress model for delivery for the 2 year program

  • Review of the MCP course outline to also cater for officers without strong financial/accounting background

  • Inclusion of a one day Governance training for board of directors, supervisory committees and other subcommittee men.

  • WOCCU to write the MCP curriculum which will be the property of Fesalos

  • WOCCU & HCUL trainers to deliver the MCP for the first 2 years whilst simultaneously training and mentoring a local trainer (s)

  • Fesalos to bear the in-country cost of training venue, and facilities whilst WOCCU will bear the external costs for its trainers

  • Fesalos to deliver the MCP through its trainer(s) in year 3 onwards with close supervision and support from WOCCU & HCUL

  • Fesalos to price the course appropriately

  • Fesalos to invite participants from credit unions in other pacific country from year 3 onwards.


Launch of the MCP & Commencement of Training

WOCCU and Fesalos launched the MCP on the evening of Tuesday the 21st of June, 2016 at the Holiday Inn (Port Moresby) in a ceremony which coincided with Fesalos’ 50th Anniversary.


The actual training commenced the next day Wednesday the 22nd of June, 2016 and was conducted every day for 10 days (except on Saturdays). It ended with a Governance training (For Board of Directors and supervisory committee members) on the 3rd of July, 2016.


Management Certification Program(MCP)

The demand for the MCP is quite high especially with our societies in PNG.

Because the MCP is considered a relevant and appropriate training for the immediate and future leaders of our industry is necessary.


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