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FESALOS has facilitated various training and capacity building programs for its affiliated societies’ over the years in partnership with its domestic, regional and global credit union sister associations. Its regional and global partnerships includes; the Fiji based Oceania confederation of Credit Unions (OCCUL), the Thailand based Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) and the US (Washington) based World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).

One of the more recent capacity building training program undertaken by Fesalos and OCCUL with WOCCU in 2008 was the 2 year global Management Certification Program (MCP) developed and delivered by WOCCU alongside the annual OCCUL Congress; with the last batch of graduates passing out in 2014. WOCCU, in consultation with Fesalos customized the program to suit the PNG movement’s context. WOCCU, BPNG and Fesalos jointly launched the PNG version of the MCP in 2016. The program which was delivered online by WOCCU is currently on hold due to challenges it faced, i.e. with poor stakeholder uptake, cost of internet and timing zone differences.

With FESALOS’ recent affiliation to the ACCU as a direct member, its affiliated societies can benefit from the various training and capacity building programs offered through this affiliation. The training programs are being assessed to identify the ones that are suited to the PNG movement’s context. Once this exercise is completed, Fesalos will liaise with ACCU for formal acceptance and the mode of delivering these programs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

FESALOS will continue to push for training and exposure opportunities for its member societies through sponsorship to regionals training events and conferences.


Management Certification Program(MCP)

The demand for the MCP is quite high especially with our societies in PNG.

Because the MCP is considered a relevant and appropriate training for the immediate and future leaders of our industry is necessary.

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